Farm Fresh Fake Food Giveaway

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Hey everyone!
As it gets closer to the holidays, we've been super crazy around here throwing fairy dust around like complete weirdos (hoping that something magical happens with these new holiday creations).
There's so much to do and so little time to do it.
Before I start rambling about that, there's a giveaway that's starting today, and it's happening for the next two weeks.
We're giving away this entire set, including one of our scented fake bread loaves (an item we haven't even released yet).

All of the rules and the contest requirements can be found here. You can also come back to this page or view our Facebook page to find out who the winner is. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post.
Now for the stuff that's coming up.
We have some really sweet products coming your way in just a couple of weeks.
As we get ready for Black Friday, we'll also be doing some really cool things on Instagram and Facebook. So if you're not already following us over there, you may want to do that. Just click on the words Instagram and Facebook to follow.
Also, if you want to be in the loop about all of the fun contests and giveaways we have coming up pre Black Friday, visit here to join our Black Friday list.
So, that's all I have for you now, but do enter the giveaway (link below), and check out the deets. Happy Monday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Expires at November 3, 2017

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