The 15 best documentaries free with Amazon Prime

The 15 best documentaries free with Amazon Prime

Documentaries are able to offer a glimpse into real life in a way that fictional films cannot. Though both types of movies can educate viewers on important societal issues, provide insight into rarely talked about subjects, and show someone else’s point of view, documentaries’ roots in reality give them an authentic quality that is difficult to match in a film. So while it’s always fun to settle down with a sappy rom-com or gritty drama, you should consider adding a few non-fiction films to your to-watch list as well.
To assist you, we’ve compiled a lineup of some of the most highly praised documentaries that are free to stream with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted look at a world-famous condiment or a serious take on the systemic racism in America, there’s a watch out there for you. Read more…More about Amazon, Documentary, Streaming Services, Amazon Prime Video, and Entertainment
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