Blind Prophet Kingle Giveaway

Win A Kindle Fire HD10, With Blind Prophet Episodes 1-4 pre-installed!
Read your awesome Blind Prophet Comic Books in style on this new Kindle Fire, with a 10 inch screen, and 32 gb of memory! Well have it all set up for you, and ready to go! wants you to be a winner! Thats why we are sponsoring this special Blind Prophet Kindle HD10 Giveaway!
But, in this giveaway, everybody can be a winner! Because on January 23rd and January 24th, everybody will be able to download a FREE copy of each of the currently released Blind Prophet Episodes for the Amazon Kindle, which features panel view that automatically zooms in on all that great Blind Prophet Artwork!
So, we think everybody a winner! But, there will be one special winner who achieves total victory and gets to read Blind Prophet on his brand new Kindle HD10!
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