Elizabeth Hunter Giveaway

Welcome to The Sneaky Kitty Critics Monthly Giveaway Bonanza! This month, to celebrate the release of my humans new novel, the Captive King (releasing February 12,) Im giving away one of my humans favorite series: Elizabeth Hunters Elemental World novels! (Benzin! Benzin! Benzin!)
And since gift cards make my humans shriveled heart happy, were tossing in one of those, too.
All prizes will be awarded on Amazon.com.
Here are the books youre entering to win:

Hidden Fire
This Same Earth
The Force of Wind
A Fall of Water
Building from Ashes
Blood & Sand
The Bronze Blade
The Scarlet Deep
A Very Proper Monster
A Stone Kissed Sea
Shadows and Gold
Imitation and Alchemy
Omens and Artifacts
Midnight Labyrinth

If you own the series already, you can gift to a friend or family member of your choice!
Good luck, and dont forget to share your Lucky URL with your friends for additional chances to win!

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