Mini Review: Kingdom of Arcadia -Quite-Metroidvania

Mini Review: Kingdom of Arcadia -Quite-Metroidvania

Metroidvania-lite.Kingdom of Arcadia’s premise should be familiar to everyone who loves gaming. Admit it, we’ve all imagined being sucked into one of our favourite gaming worlds at one point or another. That’s exactly what happens to Sam, a normal boy who is suddenly pulled inside his father’s arcade cabinet. Now stuck inside the Kingdom of Arcadia, Sam must traverse a series of increasingly complex levels, fight off hordes of enemies, and level up his equipment in order to survive.Despite being billed as a Metroidvania, Kingdom of Arcadia doesn’t really feel like one. Its five core locations are split into several bite-sized levels before ending with a boss fight. The levels themselves feature branching paths and locked doorways, but their overall length and complexity simply cannot be compared to other titles like Hollow Knight or Axiom Verge. Your two main goals in the game are fairly simple; reach the end of each level in one piece, and collect as much money as you can along the way.Read the full article on
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