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Lugz And Emeril Footwear Giveaway

Sahm Reviews contest online. Teenagers are notorious for being fickle. Sometimes they're trying to find their style as was the case with these Lugz boots and Emeril Lagasse shoes.

Utter Nonsense Game Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. This Target-exclusive game brings something new to the Apples-to-Apples genre of party games. Check out Utter Nonsense and start practicing your accents!

150+ Days Of Giveaways

Mega Giveaway Archives – SahmReviews.com

Battlegoats Card Game Giveaway

A multi-player version of War in a small box? That's exactly what we found in CardLords' BattleGoats. Read more to see why it should be on your table!

Zoo Ball By Osprey Games Giveaway (Facebook)

While we love learning new things from difficult board games, sometimes we want to play just for fun. Zoo Ball by Osprey Games gave us that chance!

Macroscope By Mayday Games Giveaway (Facebook)

Gradually reveal pieces of a picture and put your visual deciphering to the test with Macroscope from Mayday Games.

Aura Card Game By Breaking Games Giveaway

Aura by Breaking Games has great design, but does it have great play? Find out what this variation on the classic game of War is all about!

Devir Games Castellers Game Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. I thought it would be hard to play a game about a sport I had never heard of. Turns out Castellers by Devir Games was easy to learn and no helmet needed!

Hotshots Game By Fireside Games Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. Become part of the bravest force of firefighters as you cooperatively work with other gamers to put out forest fires in Hotshots game by Fireside Games.

Stratego Game Prize Package Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. Stratego was my childhood favorite game, bar none. Finding out there were new versions, some supporting four players, was the best news of the year!

Kerala Game By Kosmos Giveaway (Facebook)

SAHM Reviews contest online. Celebrate the beauty of elephants with Kerala game from Kosmos. The abstract strategy game is quick to play and ideal for all ages.

Wizard Roll Game By RoosterFin Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. In line with their focus on family-friendly games that teach, RoosterFin Games released Wizard Roll, a game that mixes matching with luck by using dice.

My First Science Textbook Giveaway

Sahm Reviews contest online. In addition to games explaining science principles, Genius Games published My First Science Textbook to teach young children about science.

Thinkfuns Wave Breakers Puzzle Giveaway (Facebook)

SAHM Reviews contest online. Wave Breaker from ThinkFun is a logic puzzle designed to accommodate a variety of abilities from beginner to expert.

Devir Games Titles Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. Every year many new game companies are established. But rarely does one pop up that has a 30 year history! Check out all these games by Devir Games!

R&R Games Pluckin Pairs Game Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. Pick a pair, any pair! Match as many opponents as possible without matching them all. That's how you win Pluckin' Pairs from R&R Games!

6-Month Netflix Subscription Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. Me time is how parents recharge and regroup. Find ways to sneak away and stream your favorite show on Netflix and don't feel guilty about it!

Gigamic El Capitan Giveaway

Don't miss out on a chance to try this game from Gigamic. Check out our El Capitan card game overview then enter to win a copy.

SAHM Reviews–Fantasy Fantasy Baseball Giveaway

Having successfully completed fulfilling Fantasy Fantasy Baseball, CSE Games is trying to bring Fantasy Fantasy Football to life! See if it's for you!

Sahm Reviews–New York Slice Game Giveaway

Don't let the pizza box container fool you, this is no ordinary slice of a game. New York Slice by Bezier Games might be perfect for when you have munchies!

SAHM Reviews–Fidgitz Puzzle By Thinkfun Giveaway

Last year's fad was the Fidget Cube. This year ThinkFun gives you something to work towards with the Fidgitz puzzle. Can you solve it?

Herbaceous Card Game Giveaway

I'll bet you don't have a game in your collection all about collecting herbs, do you?! Pencil First Games' latest, Herbaceous, should be on your shelf.

Eagle-Gryphon Games Giveaway (Facebook)

SAHM Reviews contest online. It's not often you have the chance to own a game before we do, but that time has come. Enter to win a copy of Eagle-Gryphon Games' Huh?

Lugz Boots Giveaway

SAHM Reviews contest online. We continue to add comfortable yet stylish shoes and boots to our wardrobe. The latest addition: Lugz Mallard boots and Empire Hi VT boots.