Maximize Your Sleep Gadget Giveaway! $1200 in prizes up for grabs

Gadget User has teamed up with 8 cool sleep gadget brands to giveaway the latest in sleep gadgets  Navien Mate, Nodpod, OmniPemf, Baloo, Dreamlight, Sheets Giggles, MyLite & Sleepon

Contest Link:
Contest expire: 2020-09-19

1 x Navien Mate EQM 580 Bed Warming Mattress Topper: The nice, warm bed of your dreams.
1 x Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask: Weighted Sleep Therapy.
1 x Baloo Weighted Blanket: Alleviate stress and anxiety.
1 x Dreamlight Ease: The world’s most light-blocking and comfortable eye mask.
1 x Sheets Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set: High-quality bedding.
1 x MyLite Wearable Night Light: Navigate a dark room, or provide a calming glow to put you at ease.
1 x Sleepon Sleep Tracker: Better sleep, better life.
1 x NeoRhythm: Struggle with sleep no more.

How to enter: Participate using the entries methods below.  “+25” means you get 25 entries to the contest, and so on.

The more entries you make, the greater your chances of winning one of these awesome prizes.

The terms and conditions are below.  By participating in the contest you accept them.

One winner per prize!

Giveaway open to US, Canada, UK and Australia